Our Mission

Family Centered Treatment

Pinnacle Family Services is a credentialed provider in North Carolina offering Family Centered Treatment® services. Family Centered Treatment® (FCT) is a best practice, evidence-based modality of home-based treatment that was developed by practitioners over a several decades.

FCT has been gradually formalized into a model of home based treatment that has practice based evidence and evidence based practice shown to lower rates of out of home placements. It has been refined based on research, experience, and evidence of effectiveness derived from practice. A distinctive aspect of FCT is that it has been developed as a by-product of frontline practitioners’ effective practice.

FCT is extremely cost effective and stabilizes traumatized youth and families. FCT ranges to serve families and youth with mental health diagnosis as well as histories of delinquent behavior. In addition, FCT is one of few home based treatment models with extensive experience with the profile of youth who move between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, or are known to both concurrently otherwise known as “crossover youth.”

FCT can also be utilized with a variety of specialty need populations where the family system has been impacted and is in need of support or change.

Our Core Values

Fostering Solutions

Pinnacle Family Services has developed a treatment model for serving children in Therapeutic Foster Care named FOSTERING SOLUTIONS ®. Fostering Solutions is a relationship based and trauma informed model applying the newest information about the brain science of traumatized children and using interventions taught to our foster parents that help children develop the positive relationships that will help them develop resiliency and heal from the traumatic events in their lives.

The model focuses on four distinct domains of the child.

1. Connect: Settling In

2. Connect: To Yourself

3. Connect: To Significant Others

4. Connect: To Your Community and World


Tailored Care Management

The Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) Tailored Care Management (TCM) model reflects the goal of whole-person care management in NC Medicaid Managed Care. Provider-based care management promotes integrated care and offers beneficiaries choice in how they receive care management.

Through TCM, Behavioral Health I/DD Tailored Plan beneficiaries will have a single designated care manager supported by a multidisciplinary care team to provide whole-person care management that addresses all of their needs including physical health, behavioral health, I/DD, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), pharmacy, long-term services and supports (LTSS) and unmet health-related resource needs. Tailored Care Management will:

  • Be available throughout the entire duration of a beneficiary’s enrollment in a Behavioral Health I/DD Tailored Plan
  • Be based in provider settings to the maximum extent possible, supporting integrated care and collaboration
  • Prioritize frequent in-person interactions between community-based care managers and beneficiaries
  • Place additional emphasis on outcomes and population health management.